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Asia Artversity Education offers comprehensive training for students who want to enter the art world.


Lectures are aimed at both beginners and people with background knowledge.
Lecturers are Art  world professionals who know how to infect with their passion.

Asia Artversity COURSES

  • Art Education
  • Art & Finance
  • Art Crime
  • Art gallery Management
  • Art Market Economics
  • Art market & NFT
  • Art & Tech- Changing Landscape
  • Art Marketing PR & Communications
  • Modern Art

  • Old Masters Market – Tools & Analysis
  • Art Market & Big Data
  • Buying & Selling Art At auction
  • Art Law Course
  • The Art Business Master Class
  • Artist Market Analysis
  • Art History : Key Concepts
  • The Luxury master class Certificate
  • Introduction to Contemporary Art
  • Introduction to Curating

Learn about the art world wherever you are with Asia Artversity online courses. A variety of art market courses are available in simple videos and available from an easy-to-use online learning platform led by art market professionals.

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